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Healthy Animals. Let's Make It Happen, Together.

At Argenta, we believe that the journey to healthier animals begins with human relationships. It’s why our Clinical Services teams in Europe and the US closely partner with veterinarians and their staff, to advance animal health through clinical study participation.
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Help Move the Future of Healthier Animals Forward

You love animals. We do too. Participating in clinical studies helps you stay at the forefront of advanced scientific developments — from new treatments, to behavioural and diet changes — to give animals healthier, happier lives, and create a better world.

Empower Your Veterinary Practice

When you contribute to improving animal lives, everyone can benefit. As a clinical study investigator, you’ll have access to the latest therapies and treatment alternatives. 

When you offer this advanced veterinary care to your clients — some of whom may not normally be able to afford these types of therapies or procedures — it can help increase client engagement and satisfaction.

Everyone Benefits

Our clinical study investigators are compensated for their time and effort when participating in clinical studies. Pet owners may also receive compensation, in addition to study-related care for their pet.

Participation in clinical studies also offers development opportunities for veterinarians and veterinary technicians, that they might not encounter otherwise.

We’re All About Commitment

Becoming a clinical investigator requires time, organisation and attention to detail. As part of our commitment to veterinarians and sponsors, we advise investigators on what studies will be the best fit for their clinic and situation. Once enrolled, you’ll get our full support, including extensive training, monitoring visits, plus regular check-ins and follow-ups — via in-person visits or virtual meetings. We also support our investigators with patient enrollment tactics and programs.

Animal Safety Is Our Priority

We only run studies for treatments that have comprehensive safety data available. Before any clinical study begins, the protocol is extensively reviewed, to ensure that it's well designed, and that any risks to the patient are minimised.

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Therapeutic Areas

Infectious Diseases
Pain Management
Sedatives and Narcotics
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Let’s Move Animal Health Forward

If you’re interested in participating in clinical studies for solutions to any of the above therapeutic areas, please fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch.