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Healthy Animals.
Let's Make It Happen, Together.

At Argenta, we believe that the journey of healthier animals begins with human relationships. We partner with companies around the globe interested in advancing animal health.
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Make Your Vision a Commercial Reality:
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From a new molecule, an original product idea, a global clinical study, or undertaking a complex commercial manufacturing process — you may not have the resources, capacity or expertise to make it happen, but we do.

What Can We Make Happen, Together?

Molecule to Market

A seamless solution across the full spectrum of development

Our unique Molecule to Market approach means that we can partner comprehensively across the full development cycle of a product or step in where we add the most value — from concept to commercialisation.
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Healthy Animals.
Human Innovation.

We share your passion for new solutions

Behind the innovation is people. Behind the science is passion. And behind some of the world's most innovative animal health products is Argenta, working in partnership with our customers. When a new, innovative delivery system or solution comes to market, you may not see our name on the package but you will see our impact.

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