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Strategic, knowledgeable partners in animal health

Argenta was born from a passion for problem-solving. Since 2006, we have partnered with companies large and small, across the globe. We apply our consultative expertise to help tackle our clients’ toughest challenges, commercialise their ideas, and realise their market opportunities.

Who do you turn to when your problem seems too big, too complex, too time-critical?

Commercialising a new animal health product is a challenging task, requiring access to a range of skills and expertise in domain-specific areas.

Accessing deep expertise
Translating early research into a marketable animal health product is a complex process, requiring diverse expertise and access to the right technologies and resources. For companies of all sizes, it’s essential you have the right people and knowledge to bring your ideas to life.
Finding team players
Efficient commercialisation relies upon timely contributions from multidisciplinary teams. Without joined-up thinking, seamless scheduling, and open communication, you risk creating confusion and inefficiencies that can delay timelines and put your investment at risk.
Thinking globally but acting locally
Local expertise enables a nuanced understanding of regional regulatory landscapes and market dynamics. Meanwhile, close proximity of your team and partners can streamline communication, fostering collaborative solutions that meet the needs of your strategy, molecule and customers.

Your strategic partner throughout the complex process of bringing animal health and nutritional products to market

domain area
From concept to commercialisation, Argenta is there to provide partnership and expertise throughout the complex drug development process. Our skilled experts provide insightful consultancy across the full development spectrum.
for any scale
From small enterprises to global industry giants, we are a trusted partner to companies that share our passion for animal health and wellbeing. Depending on the needs of the project, we can provide input across the full development cycle of a product, or just step in where we can add the most value.
A global footprint for R&D,
regulatory, and manufacturing
We’re uniquely positioned to combine pharmaceutical development, pre-clinical and clinical services, regulatory affairs and manufacturing expertise. Our consultancy embodies the philosophy of 'starting with the end in mind', leveraging our broad know-how to ensure clients navigate the entire product development journey seamlessly, avoiding unforeseen mid-project challenges. With global operations, wherever you are, whatever your problem, we’re here to support.

Our track record for success

At Argenta, we have a long track record of success, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands:
strong global team of scientists, veterinarians, engineers, consultants, and leaders, united in their commitment to healthy animals
reach and local compliance. We have a global scope and understand local regulations and market conditions
expertise and strong networks with regulatory agencies around the world