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Proof of Concept

Igniting your concept’s potential

The proof of concept stage is a pivotal moment when bringing an idea, molecule, or formulation for an innovative animal health or nutritional product to market. As the world’s only global combined animal health CRO/CDMO, we have the expertise you need to bring your product to life. Let’s make it happen, together.

Evaluating commercial viability on a pilot scale can be challenging

Having a promising idea for an animal health product is just the starting point. But before you invest time and resources in bringing it to life, it’s essential to have a robust understanding of its potential. This calls for a well-executed pilot study.

However, executing pilot studies for animal health products…

Can leave knowledge gaps if improperly executed
The pilot study is a pivotal moment in your development programme. Without data generated from robust tests and models, incomplete, inconclusive, or unreliable findings can lead to poor decision-making and late-stage disappointment.
Requires in-depth animal healthcare sector know-how
Demonstrating proof of concept for animal health products is fundamentally different to that for human therapeutics. Accurately evaluating the viability of your active ingredient or formulation therefore requires deep animal health sector knowledge and experience.
Can be complicated and resource intensive
The proof of concept stage may test your idea on a small scale — but it’s still a highly complex undertaking. Without efficient scheduling, underpinned by decades of animal health product experience, unexpected issues can cause excessive delays and blown budgets.

Confidently evaluate your molecule’s therapeutic viability

Our proof of concept teams have more than 200 years of collective experience in evaluating the commercial viability of animal health products. Informed by the robust pharmacokinetic data we obtain; we’ll help you devise a path to further optimise your product for success.

Robust pilot study design for actionable insight
We’ll design the pilot study, provide formulations for the initial screening, and identify key elements to aid in dose characterisation and an initial safety profile — giving you the insights you need to make informed go/no-go decisions.
Expert guidance and advice at every stage
We provide more than just data. We’re here to support with strategic consultancy at every stage, sharing our expert recommendations on what the findings mean for your molecule — to shape the best path ahead.
Efficiency, without compromising on quality 
Our experts will schedule your proof of concept studies in the most efficient way, without ever compromising on data quality. This way, you’ll have the answers you need, while making best use of your time and resources.

Your promising ideas, brought to life. Let’s make it happen, together.

Ready to evaluate the viability of your innovative animal health idea?

Reach out to our experts today to discuss how our proof of concept testing services can help you devise a roadmap to success for your asset.

A solution for every step of the way

Proof of concept testing is just one key step in the road to market. Wherever you are in your product development journey, Argenta can help.

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