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Proof of Concept

Testing. Testing. 1,2,3.

When you know you have a promising animal health product idea, Argenta can help develop a proof of concept by testing it at small scale. We will design the pilot study and provide formulations for the initial screening, as well as identify key elements to aid in dose characterisation and an initial safety profile. Informed by the pharmacokinetic data we obtain, we help devise a path to further optimise the product for success.
Molecule to Market

A Solution for Every Step of the Way

Our unique Molecule to Market approach provides our customers with a comprehensive but flexible suite of solutions, including proof of concept testing. For customers who want to evaluate the viability of a product, the proof of concept phase is an important moment of truth. Wherever you are in your product development journey, Argenta can help.

Partnership and Project Management

Our position as the world's only combined global contract research organisation (CRO) and contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) specialising in animal health gives us unrivaled access to a deep industry knowledge base. We leverage this expertise to answer questions, solve problems and determine the probability of project success.

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