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Drug Delivery Technologies

Unlock competitive advantage through novel drug delivery technologies

Generating innovative product ideas and navigating product patent life extensions can be challenging. We elevate your drug development programmes with our proprietary delivery technologies. Customers can also license our technologies, integrating them with their existing molecules so they can accelerate their product lifecycle. With Argenta, faster innovation and growth is within reach. 

Innovating within your product portfolio can be challenging

Animal health is a thriving market, with copious opportunities for drug development companies to bring innovative products to market to meet the evolving needs of customers, and ensuring that the intellectual property of existing products is extended for as long as possible. 

Protecting product exclusivity
As patents expire, generic alternatives can enter the market, intensifying competition and potentially diminishing financial returns. Innovative drug delivery solutions and novel formulation chemistries can help you extend patent life, maximising revenue from each product line.
Meeting evolving customer needs
The animal health market is continually evolving, with pet and livestock owners seeking innovative healthcare products that are easier to administer and deliver better outcomes. Drug companies must increasingly look to new drug delivery technologies to keep up with customer needs.
Coming up with new product ideas
Preserving customer interest and protecting market share requires new product ideas. However, creating new products using innovative dosage forms needs out-of-the-box thinking, deep technical expertise, and a strong understanding of customer needs.

Experienced partners in animal health product development

At Argenta, we approach each project with an open mind and have the expertise and resources to create and apply innovative solutions that help our customers bring exciting new products and dosage forms to market.
Novel drug delivery

Our Innovation team focuses on the development of novel drug delivery technologies, unique offerings and products that advance animal health. Our IP portfolio includes a range of novel drug delivery technologies.

Better products
through partnership
We can tailor our technologies to create new therapeutics where improved product performance and end-user compliance is key. We’ve embraced a culture of creative problem-solving and collaboration with our customers, leading to many successful outcomes. 

Novel drug delivery technologies

Licensable novel drug delivery technologies to accelerate product development or lifecycle projects.

Controlled-release intraruminal capsules
Unique controlled-release intraruminal delivery system with the ability to combine a range of APIs in a single device.
Long-acting biodegradable microspheres for extended duration of action.
Palatable soft chews
Versatile, palatable, water-free drug delivery platform with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.
Rapidly dispersible granules
Dry granule technology that rapidly disperses in water to produce customised, single, or combination therapeutics.
Transdermal solutions
Simple non-aqueous solution utilising a highly effective permeation system.

Our track record of success

At Argenta, we have a long track record of success, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands:
drug development experts in the global contract development organisation (CDO)
unique and licensable technologies to help our clients achieve their goals
novel delivery technologies that contribute to more climate-friendly solutions, as well as animal welfare