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Pharmaceutical Development

Bringing your animal therapeutic to market

As your trusted partner for concept commercialisation, our global pharmaceutical development team turns innovative molecules into quality animal health products. With over 200 years of collective experience in advancing world-class treatments for healthier and happier animals, we offer support across the full product development lifecycle, wherever you need it.

Commercialising animal health products is challenging without the right partner

Bringing a promising animal health product to market is a complex undertaking. To be successful, you’ll need to overcome a wide range of challenges.

Product launch delays
Efficient commercialisation relies upon timely contributions from multidisciplinary teams. Shortcomings in scheduling, poor communication, and inadequate risk mitigation can allow missed deadlines to cause greater delays downstream.
Exposure to financial risk
A successful product launch builds on years of painstaking research and development. Without careful de-risking of your path to market, poor planning and decisions can lead to costly delays, wasted resources, and the loss of your investment.
Selecting the right dosage forms
Formulating animal therapeutics requires a careful balance of factors, including pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and palatability. Finding the optimal combination of excipients and ingredients requires dedicated expertise in physiological factors and formulation chemistry.

An experienced partner for product commercialisation

Effective risk
Our approach includes a comprehensive but flexible suite of solutions to mitigate risk. After conducting a thorough risk assessment, we’ll help you make an informed go/no-go decision with confidence. This staged approach minimises financial commitment and risk from the outset.
Deep commercialisation
As the only combined global CRO/CDMO specialising in animal health, our industry knowledge is unmatched. We’ll evaluate your concept, review your costs and timelines, and develop a roadmap to bring your vision to life.
Expert formulation
Our global team of formulation experts have decades of experience working with a wide range of dosage forms, delivery technologies, and API types. Our knowledge of formulation optimisation helps us de-risk development and efficiently deliver the right solution.
'Molecule to market'
By covering the entire product development lifecycle from 'molecule to market', we ensure seamless technology transfer for products developed in-house over to our global manufacturing sites, enabling accurate, efficient, and effortless scale-up.

Our track record of success

At Argenta, we have a long track record of success, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands:
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