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Early Development

De-risking animal health product development

As the only global dedicated animal health CRO/CDMO, Argenta is well-placed to support your route to development success, helping you mitigate risk early and build a robust dataset to support informed, confident decisions.

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The difficulties of de-risking development

Comprehensive early development is essential to proactively eliminate risk and plot an optimal route forward for your product.

However, it…

Requires advanced
technical capabilities

Thoroughly exploring your product’s risk space can be technically demanding. Having the right tools to hand, and knowing how and when to apply each, is paramount for success. 

Demands significant
Balancing risk and cost in early development is key to successful progression of your product. But knowing what to do — and how best to do it — hinges on a breadth and depth of expertise that few companies possess.
Can be costly if
not done right
Without thoroughly reviewing risk and testing outcomes on a smaller scale before progressing with full product development, you could end up wasting significant time and resources, or even risk late-stage programme failure.

The expertise and technical capabilities you need 

With 200+ years of collective experience in bringing innovative animal health products to market, we have the know-how and capabilities to conduct comprehensive early development activities — giving you the confidence needed to progress to the clinic.

Thorough risk assessment
Our expert multidisciplinary team will comprehensively explore and quantify your product’s risks, including any technical and scientific limitations. Armed with this knowledge, they help you identify the best development route for product success.
Building a robust dataset
We’ll produce the high-quality data you need to make critical go/no-go decisions. And we’ll do it in the most efficient way possible, making the best use of your valuable time and resources.
Product optimisation
Using data-driven insights, we’ll enhance your product, optimising its performance and finding the most cost-effective manufacturing process, all while ensuring it meets complex regulatory requirements.

Progress your product with confidence. Let’s make it happen, together.

Want to de-risk and advance your animal healthcare product programme?

Reach out to our experts today to discuss how our early development services can mitigate risks early, and help you take a more confident step into clinical development.

A solution for every step of the way

Early development is only one step to successful product actualisation. But wherever you are in your product development journey, Argenta can help. 

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