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'Molecule to market' solutions

We’re all about advancing world-class treatments and therapies for healthier and happier animals. As the world’s only combined global animal health CRO/CDMO, we deliver trusted, innovative ‘molecule to market‘ services and solutions, helping companies across the world tackle their toughest challenges.

Healthy Animals. Let’s Make It Happen, Together.

Many parts,
one partner

Throughout the entire lifecycle — from concept to commercialisation — Argenta partners with you to navigate product development complexities and maximise chances of success. Our flexible model means you can engage with only the services you need, whether that’s all of them or just one.

Wherever you are in your product development journey, Argenta is here to help.

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A considered approach: Minimising financial risk, maximising visibility

Product development is a complex and costly endeavour. But with our staged approach, we help decrease financial risk early in the product lifecycle, giving you product development peace of mind.

And, with 200+ years of collective experience, our multidisciplinary team ensures you know what to expect at every stage.

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