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Pre-Clinical Research

Better understand your asset to make better decisions

Our pre-clinical research teams in Munich, Germany, and in the US through Midwest Veterinary Services (MVS), have access to a wide range of disease and animal models, tests, and research units to comprehensively characterise your asset. We leave nothing to chance, providing the insight you need to make informed go/no-go decisions.

Drug characterisation data is the foundation for future development decisions

Pre-clinical development is a fundamental step in understanding the potential of your therapeutic. Without robust and reliable characterisation data at this crucial stage, you could be leaving your programme vulnerable to unanticipated, disappointing, or challenging developments downstream.

Defining the safety profile
Evaluating pharmacokinetics, dose-response relationships, and any adverse effects on vital organs or physiological systems, is essential for making a confident go/no-go decision about your asset. With investment riding on target animal safety, you need data you can trust.
Proving efficacy
Assessing target animal efficacy and biological activity using appropriate pre-clinical models is key to evaluating your asset’s therapeutic potential. Ensuring the relevance and reliability of these pre-clinical tests is essential for informed decision-making.
Delivery route selection
Determining an optimal delivery route is critical as it impacts your product’s therapeutic efficiency. Using relevant techniques to assess factors like the drug’s nature, target site and intended duration of action is crucial.

Providing comprehensive pre-clinical insight to make informed decisions

Cutting-edge technologies,
confident decision-making
At Argenta, our pre-clinical teams have access to a comprehensive range of tests with which to characterise your asset, including models and methods that we have developed in-house. Our expertise and technologies help you make informed go/no-go decisions.
Strategic direction at
every stage
We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional partnerships and unmatched flexibility. We’ll keep you updated throughout your pre-clinical programme with open and frequent communication, using our expertise to guide you throughout the pre-clinical process towards your end goal.
Efficiency, without compromising
on data quality
Our pre-clinical teams in the US and Europe have a strong track record advancing the development of therapies that improve animal health. Serving as trusted partners to our customers, we schedule workflows in the most efficient way without ever compromising on data quality.

Our track record of success

At Argenta, we have a long track record of success, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands:
AAALAC-accredited locations
individual air ABSL-2 rooms (~50,000 square feet)
ABSL-1 research units