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Technology Transfer

Passing the Technology Torch

On the road to commercialisation, Argenta's technology transfer solution is the bridge between research and the realisation of your vision. As experts in your product, we take responsibility for the seamless transfer of knowledge, experience and methods to any of our manufacturing sites. Rigorous documentation and hands-on training are key to reducing risk and clearing the way for a more cost-effective path to market for your product.
Molecule to Market

A Solution for Every Step of the Way

Our unique Molecule to Market approach provides our customers with a comprehensive but flexible suite of solutions, including technology transfer. Seamless transfer and dossier development is a crucial step for successful manufacturing, one that we know well. Wherever you are in your product development journey, our experts are here to help.

Partnership and Project Management

Our technology transfer team is supported by a project management team, as well as production, technical, and engineering staff. Our experts have successfully shepherded the seamless transfer and dossier development of more than 330 stock keeping units (SKUs).

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