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Technology Transfer

Paving the path to market with seamless technology transfer

Technology transfer is one of the most challenging aspects of animal health product development. At Argenta, we have the tools, team, and technical know-how to support a swift and de-risked technology transfer to secure your product’s path to market.

A complex, high-risk process

Manufacturing an innovative animal healthcare product can be challenging. But smoothly transferring the process to another organisation elevates the complexity. That’s why choosing a capable partner for your technology transfer is critical.

Selecting a competent and resourceful partner can help you avoid:

Project delays
The many moving parts of a technology transfer mean delays are common. But a partner with the necessary technical expertise and resources for complex technology transfer can ensure your programme runs tightly to schedule, ensuring you don’t miss critical market opportunities.
Increased costs
Finding out part-way through a technology transfer that your chosen CDMO is unable to deliver could mean investment in costly additional expertise. Working with an expert partner with the right tools and experience, however, can ensure smooth and cost-effective programme progression.
Regulatory and quality challenges
Without the appropriate technical, engineering, and regulatory talent during technology transfer, a CDMO could fail to meet rigorous quality and regulatory requirements. Working with a well-equipped CDMO sidesteps this risk, protecting your product’s quality, and your company’s reputation.

Argenta: Your expert partner for fast, de-risked technology transfer

Argenta's technology transfer solution is the bridge between research and the realisation of your product vision. As experts in your product, we seamlessly transfer your knowledge, experience, and methods to our EMA- and FDA-approved, GMP-compliant manufacturing sites.

Hands-on training
We implement meticulous hands-on training to guarantee a seamless transfer of even the most complex and sensitive manufacturing processes.
Deeply experienced experts
Our deeply experienced production, technical, and engineering personnel provide the know-how to drive swift success.
Smooth project management
A dedicated project management team ensures unhindered project progression, rigorous documentation and timely communication to all stakeholders, so you always know exactly what’s happening.

Our track record of success

At Argenta, we have a long track record of success, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands:
successful technology transfer
projects in the last 5 years
of the top 10 animal health
companies choose Argenta

De-risk a critical step towards contract manufacturing

Want to learn more about how we can support a smooth technology transfer for your promising animal health product?

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A solution for every step of the way

Whether you’re looking to transition to contract manufacturing, or want to evaluate the feasibility of an initial product idea, we can help.

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