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Clinical Services

Improving Animal Health, Together

At Argenta, our passion and our purpose is to make the lives of animals better by advancing veterinary medicine through innovation. One of the ways we can do that is through clinical studies managed by our world-class contract research organisation (CRO).

Clinical Services for Veterinary Medicine

When you're bringing an animal health product to market, work with an animal health expert. Our Clinical Research teams in the US and Germany have a proven track record when it comes to contributing to the development of new medical therapies that improve the lives of animals around the world. Being a partner to our customers, we provide superior science and high-quality data. In 2021, Argenta acquired Klifovet, the leading Clinical and Regulatory Affairs organisation based in Germany. Our joint teams are eager to discuss your clinical and regulatory needs on either side of the Atlantic, or on a global level.

We Offer:

Clinical Study Management
Study Marketing and Patient Recruitment
Data Management

Our Most Important Customer: You

At Argenta, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional partnership and unmatched flexibility to our customers. Throughout each study we will keep you updated about the progress with open and frequent communication and interim status reports. Our experienced project managers and monitors know each protocol in detail and have the flexibility to move things around to help you achieve your goals.

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Resources. Agility. Efficiency.

As a leading animal health CRO, the scale of Argenta's resources and team enables us to meet the clinical study needs of customers of all sizes. When smaller companies need clinical and regulatory support to bring their innovation to the market – we can help. When larger companies have maxed their internal capacity and want to drive more innovation – we can help. For all of our customers, Argenta's extensive clinical experience translates into the agility and efficiency needed to meet their goals on time, within budget, and with the highest quality of data.

Our Expertise Is Our Passion

Each and every member of the Argenta Clinical Services team has devoted their career to advancing veterinary medicine and improving animal health. Across our large team you'll find 8 veterinarians, 10 licenced veterinary technicians, and 10 team members who studied Animal Sciences.

Clinical Study Services

We support you in evaluating the safety and efficacy of your pharmaceutical product or vaccine with well-planned and carefully managed veterinary clinical studies.
Our clinical services include:
  • Clinical study design
  • Study protocol development
  • Application for clinical study permits and licences from the regulatory authorities
  • Study site recruitment and associated study personnel
  • Monitoring
  • Data management
  • Quality assurance
  • Creation of study-specific materials
We also perform other types of animal health studies:
  • Pilot clinical study (go/no go decision)
  • Post registration/marketing studies
  • Palatability studies
  • Prescription diet studies
  • Epidemiological studies

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