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Argenta Receives 2018 Animal Pharm Award for Best Services Provider

Argenta Receives 2018 Animal Pharm Award for Best Services Provider

On 17 Jan 2019, Animal Pharm announced Argenta as the winner of the 2018 Award for Best Services Provider. The panel of seven judges said to be impressed by Argenta's ability to provide Innovation, Research & Development, Clinical Services and Manufacturing - in what is known as Argenta's Molecule to Market offering - to the global animal health industry.

In its report, Animal Pharm highlighted the following 2018 milestones:

  • The boost to its intellectual property portfolio with international patents granted for key technology platforms developed by Argenta Innovation;
  • Expansion of Argenta's research capabilities and team in the USA to increase service levels to key customers worldwide;
  • Establishment of Master Services Agreements and numerous projects between its Clinical Services business unit and several top-10 companies;
  • Approval of the manufacturing site in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA, by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to permit product export to the European Union;
  • Inspection of all three manufacturing sites in New Zealand, the UK and the USA without any Section 483s issued.

In addition, the report said, "Argenta has moved into new areas of work in 2018 to expand their Molecule to Market services as the company has an ambitious growth plan that will require exploring adjacencies to its core pharmaceutical product business. The company, through Argenta Innovation, is also evaluating their patented delivery technologies in nutraceuticals and non-pharmaceutical applications across species for which the technologies would be a fit.

"Expansion through organic growth and acquisitions has elevated Argenta to be a premiere provider of services in product development and commercial manufacturing which is recognized by its customers. As a privately-owned company, Argenta does not report its earnings nor does it market and sell its own proprietary products.

"However, if Argenta were to be included in Animal Pharm's industry standings it would rank at around position 40 of the top 50 animal health companies based on current revenues."

Argenta is extremely pleased at being recognised with this prestigious award.

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