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Clinical Trials in the Veterinary Practice: A Win, Win, Win

Clinical Trials in the Veterinary Practice: A Win, Win, Win

Fascinated by the benefits of conducting clinical trials, Dr. John Arnold started his journey into being an investigator in 2008. Since then, it has been an intrinsic part of the culture of his clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

A triple graduate from Colorado State University, Dr. Arnold began his education by achieving a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, an MBA, and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. In 2008, Dr. Arnold joined the Raintree Animal Hospital in Fort Collins, serving as a veterinarian and mentoring future veterinarians.

When asked what motivates him the most about participating in clinical trials, Dr. Arnold answered:

"I love it when I walk through the pharmacy and see products on the shelf we were involved in. I’m really proud that we played a part in developing a new treatment or therapy that now helps so many more animals than we could help in a day. It’s a small piece, but it affects the bigger picture."

Dr. Arnold attributes his clinic’s successful reputation in clinical trials to his dedicated team and organised infrastructure. The clinical studies team comprises four highly qualified people:

  • A clinical studies investigator (Dr. Arnold himself)
  • A Clinical Trials Coordinator
  • A designated technician
  • A dispenser

Together, they contribute to the culture of the Fort Collins Raintree Animal Hospital, which is focused on research and providing added value to its clients and patients.

"Embedding clinical trials into our practice helped strengthen our culture, which is focused on providing added value to clients and patients and contributing to advancing animal health. It also further bolstered our strong reputation in the local community. It's a win, win, win! For our patients, the patient owner, and the clinic," said Dr. Arnold.

"Having the right infrastructure is crucial to our success. For people starting with clinical studies, it's all about getting the right team in place. Above all, people need to be passionate about it. You could start small with the employees already working at your clinic and expand once it makes sense financially."

Dr. Arnold and his team reflect on the key benefits of their contribution to advancing animal health:

"When it all comes together, it is amazing. I love it when it's a win, win, win. A win for patients as there are alternative treatment options, for pet parents who otherwise might not be able to afford innovative therapies, and for the clinic because we are able to help."

Investigator Support

Argenta has a dedicated team supporting clinical investigators, ranging from finding the right study for them, to training, clinic visits, and providing materials to support patient communication and enrolment. Each participating clinic gets a designated Clinical Research Associate (CRA) who is the main point of contact.

"The relationship with our CRA has grown over the years and is built on trust, mutual respect and the willingness to make it happen, together. It's great and I truly appreciate it," said Dr. Arnold. 

More about Clinical Investigator Dr. Arnold

Dr. Arnold is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and serves on the Curriculum Committee for the CSU Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. There, he actively meets with graduate students and the school's Pre-vet club to discuss life as a practicing veterinarian.

When he isn't working, he is playing the drums, having brunch with his daughter, or doing 'cliché Colorado' activities like hiking or cycling with his family. Dr. Arnold is opening his second clinic in Timnath, CO, with four other veterinarians and a speciality surgeon.

Are you interested in becoming a clinical investigator? Please register for our upcoming webinar on September 21, 2023, or contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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