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Meet Our Team - Laura Payo Lewis: Mastering Regulatory Affairs Across Borders in the Animal Nutrition Industry

Meet Our Team - Laura Payo Lewis: Mastering Regulatory Affairs Across Borders in the Animal Nutrition Industry

With over a decade of experience in the field, Laura has established herself as a seasoned regulatory manager, assisting numerous clients in successfully bringing their animal nutrition products to market. Her specialised knowledge encompasses various areas, including enzymes used as animal digestibility enhancers and food processing aids. This expertise allows her to navigate the complex regulatory landscape with ease and ensure compliance with the necessary requirements.

Laura's dedication extends far beyond the borders of the European Union. She has acquired an in-depth understanding of regulatory frameworks in other jurisdictions, allowing her to provide comprehensive support to clients worldwide. Her involvement in projects such as Food Additive Petitions and GRAS determinations with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as feed additive registrations in Brazil, highlights her versatility and commitment to regulatory excellence.

Laura's contributions go beyond her role as a regulatory manager. She has delivered seminars on regulations and procedures for registering feed and feed additives in the EU, demonstrating her commitment to knowledge sharing. Additionally, she provides training sessions for client regulatory teams, covering topics such as understanding data requirements for the risk assessment of food and feed products derived from genetically modified microorganisms. Her dedication to educating and empowering others exemplifies her passion for the industry.

Reflecting on working for more than a decade at Pen & Tec (now part of Argenta), Laura shares her journey of growth and diversification. While initially focusing on EU feed additive registration dossiers, her role expanded to encompass projects involving various regulatory frameworks and geographical areas. She has also been involved in other aspects of the business, such as recruitment, business development, and shaping the future of the company. This evolution demonstrates both her adaptability and the dynamic nature of Pen & Tec Consulting.

Looking to the future, Laura envisions Pen & Tec as part of Argenta continuing to facilitate the successful registration of innovative food and feed products in the EU and other global leading markets. The company's strategic solutions will guide clients through the complexity of food chain legislation in the "post-transparency era," ensuring maximum value from their portfolios. Furthermore, Argenta is constantly exploring new services and innovations to anticipate client needs and to adapt to industry changes.

Throughout her tenure at Pen & Tec, Laura's most cherished moments revolve around collaboration with the remarkable team and engaging in a diverse range of challenging regulatory projects. She particularly enjoys working on projects involving microorganisms and genetic modifications, further showcasing her passion for cutting-edge advancements. Attending events, delivering presentations, and conducting training courses have also allowed her to stay connected with clients, EU authorities, and remain up-to-date with key regulatory changes.

As we celebrate Laura's exceptional journey with Pen & Tec Consulting, we invite you to meet her and discover firsthand her pivotal role within our organization. Her expertise, leadership, and unwavering commitment to regulatory excellence have significantly contributed to our continued success. Laura Payo Lewis truly embodies the spirit of Argenta, and we are honored to have her as an invaluable member of our team.

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