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Solid Dosage Form Investment Continues at Argenta

Solid Dosage Form Investment Continues at Argenta

The development of solid dosage form products plays a crucial role in addressing the unique needs and challenges of animal health. By formulating medications into solid dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, or powders, pharmaceutical companies can ensure accurate dosing, ease of administration, and improved stability for a wide range of species. Additionally, solid dosage forms facilitate convenient storage, transportation, and distribution, making them highly practical for veterinary professionals and animal owners alike.

At Argenta, our focus has always been on delivering the highest quality solutions to our valued customers to support the development of innovative animal health products. That is why we are thrilled to share a recent partnership achievement – the installation of two state-of-the-art Korsch XL400 tablet presses at our Auckland (New Zealand) and Fort Dodge (Iowa, USA) manufacturing facilities.

These cutting-edge presses can manufacture an impressive 100,000 tablets per hour, with a maximum blending capacity of 600kg. What sets them apart is their remarkable ability to facilitate fast changeovers, significantly enhancing efficiency for our customers.

Stephen Sibson, our Global Head of Manufacturing, emphasised, "The design of this equipment is specifically tailored to improve efficiency for Argenta's customers. Our vision is for Fort Dodge to become a centre of excellence for tablet manufacturing, particularly for companion animals. This investment in new presses marks a crucial step forward in our journey."

This recent investment builds upon our previous upgrades at our Auckland manufacturing site. In mid-2021, we successfully qualified a new Anish AFB-300 fluid bed granulator, which more than doubled our manufacturing capacity. This expansion not only allows us to meet growing demands but also paves the way for the development of innovative solid dosage form products.

To support our enhanced solid dosage form manufacturing capabilities, our Pharmaceutical Sciences groups in Auckland and Lawrence (Kansas, USA) are equipped with cutting-edge facilities for tablet development activities. Our Auckland team has access to fluid bed granulators and a range of pilot scale tablet presses. Additionally, our Lawrence site is preparing to invest in a pilot scale fluid bed dryer later in 2023, further bolstering our solid dosage form development capabilities.

At Argenta, we are dedicated to building meaningful partnerships. Our partnership philosophy is at the core of our approach, and we warmly welcome enquiries from both existing and prospective customers.

Experience the power of our state-of-the-art tablet presses in action by watching this video. To learn more about how our cutting-edge solutions can benefit your business, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Together, let us shape the future of solid dosage form manufacturing!

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